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Swissaround - Markus Manfredi

That's me

Grüezi, my name is Markus Manfredi most people know me as Swissaround. I am the founder and owner of Swissaround Travels. Was born on November 14, 1990 in Zurich as part of a big loving family. Since 2018 I am a self employed photographer in Switzerland the full story you can read below 😊

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My Story

My passion began in childhood when I was in the Pfadi (Boy Scouts) discover the Swiss nature and took pictures of landscapes and nature with the cell phones of the time. I was the only one in my entire circle who made pictures of landscapes. No one understood me why I do that, because at that time it was still nothing with Instagram or Tiktok but Facebook was then the Instagram of today.

Then in 2013 I got my first SLR camera from the company Canon, at that time these cameras were as expensive as cars. My first subjects were flowers and animals I was fascinated by macro images and wanted to see everything very close. The photographing and videography I have since 2013 precise, and through videos on the Internet or Fails brought myself. Because practice makes perfect. Well maybe a little inherited talent because my mother also had photography as a passion.

My initial training was in the creative construction field because office was not my thing at that time at all. I decided to start an apprenticeship as a tinsmith, better known as the metal artist on the roof. After successfully passing my apprenticeship I realized that I was getting further and further away from my hobby as a photographer, so in 2018 I started my own business as a photographer and started all social media with photography.

From hobby to profession 2018 was the start of Swissaround. At that time it was only photos because reels and videos didn't exist on social media yet. Therefore, since 2018 I'm traveling through my home country of Switzerland as a freelance photographer and take my followers on social media to new beautiful hotels, new hiking trails and the most beautiful places in Switzerland and make it more popular for travelers. For this reason, I successfully work with various tourism industries these days.

In 2020, when I had to deal with more and more social media managers, I got the idea that this profession would be the best for me in combination with my passion for photography and videography. Therefore I started several trainings in the direction of Social Media Manager. And so I was able to gain a foothold in this industry. As a social media manager paired with photography, I bring a great know-how in the areas of social media and nature and landscape, what better 😉

2022 was the most successful year for me since I started on social media. I started with about 180,000 followers on social media. Now as of January 2023, I have over 1,300,000 people on my page and I never dreamed that even in my deepest dreams. For all those who think nowadays you can no longer grow, I am actually just the opposite and prove that everyone can still make it to the top nowadays. The focus this year I have set more on videos and the so-called reels because, from a photographer's point of view, photos no longer have a future on social media.

With love. Markus Manfredi aka Swissaround


I am always on the lookout for new, exciting opportunities. Contact me to get something big off the ground.

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