Swissaround, Markus Manfredi, Photographer

I am glad that you are interested in my photographic as well as videographic works and hope the photos and videos shown here will inspire you. 

When I, Markus Manfredi aka Swissaround travel through Switzerland it always fills me with awe how powerful and beautiful our Switzerland actually is.

Since 2018, I travel as a freelance photographer through my home country of Switzerland and take my followers on social media to new beautiful hotels, new hiking trails and the most beautiful places in Switzerland and thus make Switzerland more popular for tourists. That's why I also work successfully with tourism industries.

Photography and videography is my passion, because on social media my posts regularly go viral and reach a million audience. My trademark is nature as it lives and breathes so I rarely post videos with music in the background. But it's not that I have an aversion to it but it depends on the environment. 

As a social media manager paired with independent photography, I bring a great know-how in the areas of social media as well as nature and landscape.

One of my biggest successes is the top 10 place in one of the biggest Swiss photography competition as well as appearing in various hiking books in Switzerland and Germany. I am currently working on a special hiking book that has never been on the market before.

With Love. Markus Manfredi aka Swissaround