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Lej Nair - A fantastic 3 lakes autumn hike in the heart of Graubünden

In the picturesque surroundings of St. Moritz, where Lake Staz is considered the jewel of the region, hides an insider tip - Lej Nair, also known as Schwarzsee. Especially in autumn, when the larches turn a bright golden yellow, Graubünden shines in a magnificent blaze of color. Surprisingly, the hidden Lej Nair is only a few minutes away from the famous Lake Staz.

Drohnenaufnahme von Silvaplana und Lej Nair
  • Arrival: Possible by car, there is plenty of parking space at Ristorante Peppino's or the old Olympia ski jump. It is easy to get there by public transport to the "St. Moritz Bad, Campingplatz" stop.

  • Equipment: Good shoes, warm clothes especially in fall, many barbecue areas

  • Difficulty: Easy, from the parking lot or bus stop it goes up to Lej Nair about 130 meters.

  • Start und End: Start and end is at the parking lot or public transport stop.

  • Time: Hiking time is 1:00h, with many photo and video breaks at least double this time should be planned.

  • Ascent and Descent: Ascent is 130 meters ; Descent is 130 meters

  • Underground: 4 km nature trail, in fall the path is full of larch needles

  • Animals: Lots of squirrels, woodpeckers pecking, birds that you can almost feed with your hands.

  • Tip: The whole lake is a secret tip, especially in the fall a must to visit. Early in the morning when there might still be fog on the lake or in the air in combination with the golden yellow larches a dream.

  • Restaurants: There is a small but fine restaurant, Ristorante Peppino, right by the parking lot at the old Olympia ski jump. You can also enjoy a barbecue right by the lake.

  • Highlights: If you love the colorful autumn and travel a lot in Graubünden and the surrounding area. This lake should go straight on your list. The lake is only really calm in the mornings and afternoons, creating a perfect reflection.

You can start your hike either from the parking lot Alte Olympia Schanze - Ristorante Peppino or from the bus stop "St. Moritz Bad, Campingplatz". As soon as you get off the bus, cross the road and walk towards the campsite. Along the way you will see numerous yellow signs pointing you in the direction of the first lake, Lej Nair.

Your ascent to Lej Nair is accompanied by a carpet of larch needles that bathe the path in an enchanting atmosphere. It is as if you are immersed in a fairytale adventure as you walk on the golden needles.

The ascent to the first lake, Lej Nair, is about 100 meters after you reach the breathtaking footbridge, which offers you a spectacular view. From here, it is only a gentle ascent. There are plenty of benches around the lake where you can simply relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Especially in the morning, when everything is still quiet and peaceful, you can often see a breathtaking reflection on the lake.

Traumhafte Herbst Spiegelung am See Lej Nair  Schwarzsee

Drohnen Aufnahme vom Lej Nair - Schwarzsee

Most of the trail runs along the lake and it is almost impossible to get lost. After the barbecue area and the footbridge, there is a wooden footbridge on the right that you have to cross and you can hear the gentle babble of the stream that flows into the small lake.

The special wooden footbridge that you cross stretches across half of the lake. You can always enjoy the magnificent silence on the lake, as there are numerous benches to sit on.

After circling the lake, the path leads over the wooden footbridge towards the next lake, the "Lej Zuppo". This tiny lake, which is hidden slightly above Lej Nair, exudes a magical atmosphere despite its frozen state. It literally invites you to have a picnic or a barbecue.

Der kleine See Lej Zuppo im Herbst

After circling the lake, you have a choice: you can continue on to a fourth lake, Hahnensee or Lej da Chöds, or you can walk back the same way to return to Lej Nair. The trail also leads back to Lej Nair until you reach a junction where the last lake, Lej Marsch, is signposted.

The bathing lake at St. Moritz Bad is right next to the parking lot from which you started or returned on your hike. Similar to the other lakes, there are numerous barbecue areas and picnic tables. During the summer months, there is even an operating kiosk with refreshing drinks and tasty snacks.

Lej Marsch, like the other two lakes, has a jetty from which you can take a refreshing plunge into the cool water, which is a welcome way to cool off after a hike in the hot summer months.

After you have admired all three lakes, you can hike back to the starting point, which you can reach in just 5 minutes. Nearby you will find other natural treasures such as Lake Silvaplana, Lake St. Moritz, Lake Sils and many more.

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