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Lungern - Beautiful panoramic hike high above the Lungernsee lake

Have you ever seen on social media because Lungernsee high above from the other side? Here I have a hike that still almost no one knows but count to my absolute top favorites.

  • Arrival: Possible by car, there are many parking spaces at the church Lungern. Arrival by public transport is comfortable to Lungern with the panorama train from Lucerne.

  • Equipment: Good shoes, walking sticks, food and drink items

  • Difficulty: All in all it is about medium difficulty

  • Start and End: Start is at the cable car Turren ; End is at Kaiserstuhl Obwalden.

  • Time: approx. 4h with many photography and normal breaks 5 hours should be planned.

  • Ascent and Descent: Ascent is 370 meters ; Descent is 1200 meters.

  • Surface: 5km mountain road ; 6km mountain trail ; 2km over green meadows

  • Animals: As it is a butterfly themed trail, in the summer months it has the largest and most beautiful free flying butterflies in Switzerland from June until the end of August.

  • Tip: If you are not interested in butterflies and simply because of the panorama saved this hike, i can recommend the time from the beginning of September to October. I did not meet a single person the whole hike. I started at Turren mountain station and it was about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

  • Restaurants: Directly at the cable car station Turren there is a restaurant. After that there are none until the end Kaiserstuhl.

  • Highlights: The highlight was clearly the view of the turquoise Lungernsee with a view of the Jungfrau mountains. There is also a beautiful view over the Sarnersee.

The start of the hike is at the cable car Lungern - Turren. However, it is still worth a little Lungern to look at. Because everyone knows these pictures and videos of Lungern with the winding road. 😊

Once you have visited all the places on your list, you can easily walk directly to the cable car station at Lake Lungern. The cable car takes you from Lungern to Turren, also known as the butterfly paradise. The name comes from the fact that in this area you can see the largest butterflies living in Switzerland. Rumor has it that one of the largest day butterflies in Switzerland has been sighted there. With a wingspan of 75mm impressively large.

Important is that from now on you always follow the small hiking sign number 575 with the inscription butterfly path (Schmetterlingspfad). Immediately after the mountain station Turren it goes about 15 minutes downhill while you hike down you can see on the opposite slope as it zigzags upwards.... I was scared myself but it only looks like much more than it really is. I can assure you that anyone can do it. And the view at the top is gigantic and again a reward.

Once you have made the 30-minute walk up into the forest, a beautiful view with the Jungfrau mountains in the background awaits you. After enjoying the view, the last section still goes up.

A small piece goes across a meadow directly to the summit Dundelegg 1739m (5705feet). Once you've reached it, you can write off the climb because from then on it's all downhill.

On the summit you can see a breathtaking wide-ranging landscape. As seen here, the Fluonalp is a small summer mountain restaurant where you can buy very fine cheese. (A tip for every cheese lover, the best you can find directly from the farmer).

The hike goes from the top of Dundelegg to the next forest over meadows and stones. Until you reach the viewpoint Sädel where there is a bench with an incredible panorama over the Sarnersee and half of the Lungernsee. Here you can also see the differences in the colors of the two lakes.

As soon as you hike a bit in the forest towards Kaiserstuhl, you can see the turquoise lake shimmering through. Until you come out of the forest it takes about 2 hours hiking time, then you see the first time the gigantic panorama with the Lungernsee and in the background the Jungfrau mountains.

On the other side there is also a fantastic panorama with the Sarnersee with a view of the Pilatus. The path is always wide and easy to walk.

Until you can see one of the best panoramas after a 180 degree turn. It was meanwhile already about 18:30 clock. Walking time was about 3 hours. A perfect time to shoot good pictures is for me always the evening.

Then we went back into the forest towards the Kaiserstuhl where we could enjoy the view again and again. The clouds were unfortunately more and more and a good sunset was no longer possible. But I was very satisfied with the discovered hike and the pictures I have taken and the whole hike is an absolute top hike that almost no one knows. Even outside the butterfly season worth a visit.

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