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Press Articles

Through my passion for photography and videography, I was able to work with several newspapers and media outlets.

Smart Media Agency

02. December 2023

Patience is very important in photography.

An interview about me and how I plan in winter. By Smart Media Agency and published in the Tages-Anzeiger

26. September 2023

Smart Media Agency

The Pearl of the Homeland

An interview about me and which places are beautiful in autumn. By Smart Media Agency and published in the 20 Minuten Newspaper

Kompass Karten

07. April 2022

Your moment

A collaboration with a publishing house where I describe 5 top destinations in Switzerland. This was published in a book that could be bought in any bookstore.

24. January 2020

Financial Times

Churchill's Swiss retreat

An article about Churchill, where pictures were sold with a license.

04. Novembre 2019

Markus Manfredi prefers to be behind the camera.

An interview with an online platform and newspaper, about me and how I take photos. It was published on the screens of every public transportation system in Switzerland.

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